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Trying to figure out exactly what kind of rug material is the best for your home or office can be the quickest way to determine what you’d like to buy online. It’s usually a good idea to determine how you’re planning to use the space, for example, will there be a lot of foot traffic or will it be in a room conserved for just a few people? This can determine both the type of material and the colour that will be the most appropriate for your room. Cowhide rugs are certainly on trend at the moment and it really helps that you can choose from a black cowhide rug or a brown cowhide rug or even a mix of colour with a brown and white cowhide rug to really complement your other décor.

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  • rug-underlay-183x290cm--1
    Sale Clickandcollect

      RUG UNDERLAY 183x290cm

      $33.20 $34.95
    • rug-underlay-153x225cm--1
      Sale Clickandcollect

        RUG UNDERLAY 153x225cm

        $28.45 $29.95
      • orissa-60x90cm-mat-1
        Sale Clickandcollect

          ORISSA 60x90cm mat

          $39.20 $49
        • madras-60x90cm-mat-1
          Sale Clickandcollect

            MADRAS 60x90cm mat

            $31.20 $39
          • madras-180x270cm-rug-1
            Asseenontheblock Sale

              MADRAS 180x270cm rug

              $143.20 $179
            • inverse-60x90cm-mat-1
              50off Clickandcollect

                INVERSE 60x90cm mat

                $24.50 $49
              • madras-80x300cm-runner-1
                Sale Clickandcollect

                  MADRAS 80x300cm runner

                  $103.20 $129
                • albion-60x90cm-mat-1
                  Sale Clickandcollect

                    ALBION 60x90cm mat

                    $27.30 $39
                  • madras-250cm-rug-1
                    Sale Clickandcollect

                      MADRAS 250cm rug

                      $279.20 $349
                    • inverse-200x300cm-rug-1
                      50off Clickandcollect

                        INVERSE 200x300cm rug

                        $249.50 $499
                      • stafford-160x230cm-rug-1
                        Sale Clickandcollect

                          STAFFORD 160x230cm rug

                          $174.30 $249
                        • elias-200x300cm-rug-1

                            ELIAS 200x300cm rug

                            $479.20 $599
                          • nova-160x235cm-rug-1
                            Sale Clickandcollect

                              NOVA 160x235cm rug

                              $239.20 $299
                            • rocco-160x230cm-rug-1
                              50off Clickandcollect

                                ROCCO 160x230cm rug

                                $224.50 $449
                              • inverse-160x230cm-rug-1
                                50off Clickandcollect

                                  INVERSE 160x230cm rug

                                  $149.50 $299
                                • kemer-160x235cm-rug,-ivory-1
                                  Sale Clickandcollect

                                    KEMER 160x235cm Rug, Ivory

                                    $279.20 $349
                                  Viewing 1-24 of 63

                                  Our selection of rugs for sale online and instore will provide the opportunity to buy several items to arrange in one room or many, especially if you’d like to highlight different functional areas. Choosing rug material for your home or office is a breeze with so many beautiful options on display. If you’d like to buy online, you can have that brand-new leather hide rug delivered right to your doorstep.  Alternatively, you can always opt for click & collect, which is available at many of our Australian stores.