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We all know the feeling. You find the perfect rug or mat for your home or office and you’re absolutely thrilled to have it. Then after a few days or weeks, you start to notice it keeps slipping and bunching, or even scratching your flooring. What a disappointment. However, you can avoid this from happening altogether with the rug underlay and rug accessories. These simple items can really make the world of difference when it comes to keeping your rug or mat perfectly positioned and your flooring absolutely preserved. After all, it’s no use getting that beautiful covering but ruining your room’s tiles or wood in the process.

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  • malki-mat-60x90cm,-multi-1
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      MALKI Mat 60X90cm, Multi

      $14.50 $29
    • stafford-mat-60x90cm,-denim-1
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        STAFFORD Mat 60X90cm, Denim

        $14.50 $20.30
      • madras-120x180cm-rug-1
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          MADRAS 120x180cm rug

          $69.30 $99
        • nova-160x235cm-rug-1
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            NOVA 160x235cm rug

            $49.50 $99
          • cairo-160x235cm-rug-1
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              CAIRO 160x235cm rug

              $174.30 $249
            • cairo-200x285cm-rug-1
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                CAIRO 200x285cm rug

                $279.30 $399
              • nightfall-160x230cm-rug-1
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                  NIGHTFALL 160x230cm rug

                  $199.50 $399
                Viewing 1-24 of 119

                Similarly, if you have children or even retirees living with you, there’s also the great benefit of non-slip rug underlays, which can ensure that no one has any accidents while walking over it. You can find these rug accessories available for sale online and instore with our selection. Once you’ve decided on your purchases, should you choose to buy online, you can opt for a quick delivery or even utilise our free click & collect service from one of the many Freedom stores located throughout Australia. This means that you can have your items in place with ease!