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Outdoor: Outdoor Rugs to Enhance your Space

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Give your outdoor living zone the same care and attention as your indoor space with a selection of beautiful rugs and mats. 

When it comes to maximising the functionality of your garden, patio, balcony or deck, nothing beats a fully equipped space with the same creature comforts as indoors. That includes everything from the table and chairs to the sofa, coffee table and of course, rugs. As an extension of your indoor living area, your outdoor room needs to cater to a range of activities and be flexible enough to cope with tough weather conditions. Your outdoor rug should reflect your indoor floorcoverings in colour or texture, but if it’s not in a sheltered position, it will need to be water, UV, fade, stain and mould resistant to ensure it will continue to look beautiful all year round. A rug is a clever way to hide an unsightly deck or create a cosy outdoor zone, and your kids (and your bare feet!) will love the feel of plonking down on the softer floor.

How to select your outdoor rug or mat

Measure your outdoor space, taking foot traffic, obstacles, stairs and available shelter into account. If you’re placing a mat or rug in a sitting area, it should reach under the front edges of the chairs and sofa, while a rug under your dining setting needs to extend beyond chair legs to prevent bunching and folding when the chairs are pushed out. An overly small rug will make an already compact space look smaller, so choose a generous size if you can fit it to add scale and a sense of flow. Square and rectangular rugs are perfect for large and small spaces, and will effectively mark out your sitting or dining area. A circular rug will act to soften sharp edges and blur the lines between zones, making the space feel larger. Depending on your space and style, consider layering multiple rugs in contrasting textures or colours for a vibrant look.  

Get the look

  • Go natural:  Choose organic, woven materials such as olefin, rattan, jute or similar to reflect the natural beauty of your surroundings. The hardwearing nature of the materials will ensure long-lasting quality, while the weave will add warmth and texture to your space. Choose this material for everything from concrete slabs to timber decks and paved surfaces.
  • Colour block:  Perfect in small doses, a bright or patterned rug in natural or synthetic fibres will provide a sense of playful personality. Choose colours that are found in your indoor decor, or complementary shades to the outdoor scenery. A colourful outdoor rug is ideal for peeking out from under your sofa and coffee table, or as a slim runner along walkways.  
  • Vintage kilim:  Play up retro style or a rustic, farmhouse look with a kilim-style rug. Woven from wool and often reversible, these hard-wearing rugs will provide plenty of pattern and texture, while the softness underfoot will make sure your garden feels like a sheltered sanctuary.

BLANK SPACE_1170x50.jpg
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