Metal & Glass Care Tips 


Both these materials require minimal maintenance to stay looking great. Follow our tips below to keep your freedom product in top condition.




  • Dust regularly to avoid dirt build-up. Dust can cause the surface to pit. If you live near the coast then you will need to do this more regularly as salt air will increase corrosion and tarnishing.
  • Repair damaged surfaces immediately to prevent the metal underneath from rusting.
  • Powder coated finishes may be repaired using coloured or clear nail polish.
  • Chrome and stainless steel products can be cleaned with a dedicated metal cleaning product. These are available at most supermarkets.
  • Don’t use harsh abrasives to clean any metal surfaces.
  • Don’t leave indoor furniture outside, or you won’t be covered by the warranty. Continual exposure in a damp or wet environment will cause corrosion.
  • Periodically check and re-tighten any fasteners.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.





  • Dust glass frequently with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Clean with a glass cleaner following the instructions on the bottle. Don’t apply glass cleaners to surrounding surfaces or to the frosted side of frosted glass.
  • Use mats and coasters to protect glass from heat.
  • Place any frosted glass, frosted side down. Don’t allow greasy or dirty items to come into contact with the frosted side. It can leave marks that are difficult to remove. Some minor marks can be removed with a cut, raw potato. Test in an inconspicuous area first.
  • Use felt pads on vases or similar to avoid scratches or marks
  • Don’t subject glass to thermal or mechanical stress, it can be weakened and may break or shatter.
  • Avoid using the glass as a chopping surface and don’t allow sharp or hard objects come into contact with it.



Glass Warning

The glass used in our current table range is known as tempered glass. Although it is up to four times tougher than regular glass, it is not unbreakable. Tempered glass should be cared for like normal glass. Careless handling or use sometimes produces damage which may not be visible to the eye. Damaged glass may spontaneously shatter if subjected to thermal or mechanical stress. Avoid dropping objects on the glass. Do not allow hard or pointed objects to come into contact. Use care when lifting or moving an item containing glass. Never drag the item on the ground.



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