Browse our range of fabrics below to find something that will suit your home, your tastes and your lifestyle.  All of our fabric swatches are available to order so that you can feel the texture and see the colour in real life. To order a fabric swatch, simply find the item that you are interested in purchasing on our website, and click on the 'order swatch' link in the product details section of the product page.  Fabric swatches are free and are mailed to you for your convenience. 




Austria is a beautiful linen and polyester blend, making it simple and natural. The slub yarn gives Austria a modern appearance yet the special dying process gives Austria a vintage look. The Austria colours are perfectly matched with any home interior. This fabric has a thick hand feel and a natural touch


Lido is a 100% polyester fabric; the perfect match to any home decor. It uses an excellent reactive dye which makes the colour vibrant with good colour fastness. Using specific carding, spinning and twisting techniques, the surface of the fabric shows gentle shade of various colors. This fabric has a thick hand feel and is warm to touch.


Jake is a 100% polyester plain weave fabric. It is a proven favourite which is hardwearing, high performing and good looking. There are fabrics that will decorate a home and there are those that will define it. Two tones of chenille blend create the variegated surface of Jake.


Sebastian is a 100% polyester fabric available in 3 neutral colours. It is a modern textured flat plain weave which is piece dyed. Sebastian provides a durable and effective solution for any tough and demanding environment. Available in a contemporary colour palette, it’s easy to care for and water resistant.


York is a tactile upholstery fabric available in 3 versatile colours, perfect for both traditional or contemporary styles. York showcases a subtle slub effect that gives a natural, organic look, whilst offering the easy care composition of 100% polyester. Durable and resilient.



The beauty of this genuine Italian leather lies in it’s natural characteristics. This adds beauty to the leather and serves as proof of its authenticity. No attempt has been made to correct the surface, so colour and grain variation are to be expected. As the leather is used, it will relax, becoming softer over time.


Union leather is full grain aniline dyed leather. Light pull-up characteristics are evident and the hand-feel is smooth with a soft and slippery touch. Colour variation is normal as dyes are absorbed differently throughout the hides. Like Charme, no attempt has been made to correct the surface, so colour and grain variation are to be expected.


Scottsdale leather is a genuine Italian leather, which is slightly buffed, and still maintains its natural grain. Main characteristics such as scars and veins have a darker tone in respect to base colour, due to the waxed application. As the leather is used, it will relax, becoming softer and gently changing its appearance over time.


Oxford Leather is a full grain leather and is carefully finished to accentuate it’s natural markings, textures and colour variations. Over time these markings will deepen into a beautifully distressed look – a testament to it’s authenticity.