We may not have a white Christmas in Australia, but we are lucky enough to enjoy Christmas and holiday festivities outdoors under the shade of our favourite gum trees or on balmy nights under our starlit skies.


Waking up on Christmas morning and going to the beach for a swim before heading home for some festive dining encompasses a perfect Christmas day. Serve your breakfast outdoors with linen table cloths and pastel tableware that makes your breakfast bowels with muesli & berries pop.

It is even lovelier if you continue the festive theme in your outdoor room, whether you are gathering outside for drinks and canapés or setting up your Christmas table for lunch or dinner.

Create mood lighting for your outdoor dinner with lanterns and candles. Solar lights are the perfect no-fuss solution, after charging all day in the sun you’ll have a festive feeling as soon as darkness falls.


If you’re planning an outdoor gathering over Christmas, start collecting your key pieces early to ensure your guests are accommodated comfortably well before the festive event. Invest in hard-wearing, outdoor dining furniture that withstands the elements so you can keep entertaining for years to come. Acacia wood, Eucalyptus & Teak are suitable materials for the Aussie outdoors.

A few side tables placed here and there also offers your guests somewhere to rest their drinks and appetisers. An outdoor coffee table can also be used as a bar area, so your guests can easily access refreshments throughout the day. Having an outdoor wicker lounge creates a space where your guests can relax and enjoy each other’s company in an informal setting.

Lastly, scatter outdoor cushions on your furniture to keep your guests comfortable when dining & lounging. Add an outdoor rug to create some cosiness underfoot and finishing touches like candles, placemats & table cloth.