Meet your match: How to find the perfect modular sofa

Choosing a sofa is a big decision - it’s one that you’ll hopefully live with happily for years to come. Here’s how to make the most of flexible family living with the best modular sofa for your home.


1. Why go modular?

Modern family life calls for furniture that’s as versatile as you are. A modular sofa is made up of pieces that can change with your needs.


 2. How to choose the perfect modular sofa

First, measure your space to find out how much room you have to work with. If your sofa will be pushed up against the wall, a recliner might not be the best option, as you may need clearance for the headrest. If it will be part of an open-plan space, you don’t want to walk in to the back of a sofa - arrange the space so that you can walk into the open side of your couch. When a sofa acts as a room divider, a lower frame will ensure sightlines are kept clear. Allow for enough space for foot traffic to move through your space, ideally with two entry and exit points. 

Main types of modular sofas and which settings and spaces they suit: 

Chaise modular sofa:



Put your feet up on this L-shaped lounge, which can flip to either side to suit your space. Ideal in smaller spaces and apartment living, this configuration means everyone will face the same direction.


Corner modular sofa:



This style slots neatly into place, creating an instant relaxation zone in larger open-plan areas. Featuring an armrest on either end, it’s ideal for busy families and entertaining. It will often include one or two chaise options for multiple users the put their feet up at once.

U-shaped sofa:



Whether you’re bringing people together for family time or easy entertaining, a U-shaped modular sofa ensures everyone can see each other, while offering multiple options for stretching out and lounging. Perfect for large


Tip: Once you have a sofa in mind, try out the shape before you buy. Mark out the space the sofa will take up using masking tape, and live with it for a day or two to get a feel for how it will work with your other furniture and your family.


Terminal Modular Sofa:




A terminal modular sofa is an L-shaped sofa perfect for busy, communal spaces. Featuring an arm on one side with a chaise on the other side that has back cushions to sit up against, as well as an opening for a portion of the chaise. Terminal sofas naturally allows guests to face one another while sitting comfortably by utilising the chaise as seating for extra guests with back support. When the guests have left, and there's more room as well as being able to stretch out and lie down on for two people.


3. Add functionality to your modular sofa

We know you do much more than just sit on your sofa, so we’ve built in a range of features to make lounging easier, more user-friendly and more efficient.


‘Kin’ modular sofa range

 The ultimate combination of comfort and connectivity, the ‘Kin’ range features an array of configurations in long-lasting polyester upholstery, including chaise, armless 1.5 seater, corner wedge and 3-seat modular to make the most of your space. It also has the latest tech must-haves, such as USB ports, device, induction charger, clip light, laptop tray and cup holders, all built into clever entertainment consoles. Side tables, shelves and a large coffee table include hidden compartments for extra storage, while offering handy surfaces for everything from snacks to laptops and gaming accessories. 


‘Signature Function’ sofa range

The ‘Signature Function’ range includes electric motion recliners - ideal for home cinemas - and a selection of clever modular pieces to create customizable comfort. Make it your own with a choice of three arm shapes; Contemporary, Slope and Double, plus 13 leather and 28 fabric upholstery options - and complete the look with three leg finishes.


 4. How to care for your modular sofa

Whether you choose leather of fabric upholstery, it’s important to keep your new modular sofa looking its best.


Fabric care:

Accidents happen, so consider a Fabric Protection Plan when buying your new fabric modular sofa. Including 5 years of protection and a clever kit of cleaning and protection gear to quickly address spills and mishaps, the plan ensures years of stress-free enjoyment.


Leather care:

If taken care of properly with the right products, your leather modular sofa can last you a lifetime. Freedom’s 5-year Leather Protection Plan will safeguard your investment, and includes a handy cleaning and leather protection kit.


We’re so confident that our sofas will last the distance that we offer a 10-year frame warranty and 2-year upholstery warranty as standard, so you can rest easy knowing that your new sofa will look and feel great for years to come.