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Rugs: How to Style Up your Home with Cowhide Rugs

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How to Style up your Home with Cowhide Rugs

Bring the naturally imperfect beauty of a leather-hide rug into your home with these easy styling tips. 

Give your home a hit of modern style in the form of a textural cowhide rug. The latest must-have item on the designer circuit, these bovine beauties offer unique colouring and warmth in a range of organic shapes and sizes. As a natural product, each leather hide is one of a kind. The hide goes through the same tanning process as regular leather, and then the most interesting patterns and markings are selected for rugs. They can be used to insulate cold stone or tiled floors, or layered with other rugs for a boho style - you can even drape one over the back of a sofa for a bold look.

Colours & patterns

Available in a range of colours and patterns, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to choosing your perfect cowhide. The natural look includes brown, black, cream, white and combinations of those colours in various speckled and splotched looks, reflecting the beautiful, organic nature of the animal skin. Alternatively, you can choose a hide in an exotic animal print, such as a zebra or leopard, that has been silkscreened onto the cowhide during the production process. If you want to go really wild, choose from a range of bright and playful pastels, such as a pop of pink, blue or green!

Where to use a cowhide rug

The striking patterns and durable nature of cowhide rugs makes them perfect anywhere you can think of - here are a few ideas.

  • Living zone:  Arrange a large leatherhide area rug beneath your coffee table or just tucked beneath your sofa for a cosy look. Contrast the patterns and colours of the natural hide with a contemporary look, such as muted pink, soft charcoal and organic timber for a warm, welcoming Scandinavian feel. Alternatively, consider layering a cowhide rug over a natural woven rattan rug or mat. The complementary natural tones will ensure they work in harmony beneath your furniture.
  • On the sofa:  Give your cowhide pride of place draped over the back of a sofa to maximise its impact. Contrast a naturally patterned hide with a vintage leather couch for an authentic, playful look or over a contemporary fabric sofa to create a striking point of interest.
  • In the bedroom:  A textured cowhide will create a striking effect beneath a bed. It will look best when peeking out the end or side of the bed, with the two end legs sitting on the skin. Choose simple cream, white or grey to pair with an all-white scheme, or complement a more traditional theme with a monochromatic hide.
  • The nursery:  Give your baby a soft space to learn to crawl with a beautiful cowhide rug. Alternatively, a cowhide draped over a nursing chair will add comfort, softness and that all-important designer edge to your nursery. You’ll be spending many sleepless hours with your little one in there, so it’s important to make it comfortable.

Caring for your cowhide rug

Shake the skin outdoors occasionally to get rid of dust and dirt, and vacuum in the direction of the hair regularly. Blot any spills with a clean white cloth or paper towel. Then try with a slightly damp cloth, and from there, apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to the area using a moist cloth. Avoid any harsh cleaners and chemicals.

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