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As Seen on Threebirds

Chances are, you’ve heard of Three Birds Renovations and if you hadn’t it was only a matter of time! Those three busy mums, besties and serial house flippers — Lana Taylor Bonnie Hindmarsh and Erin Cayless — renowned as the ‘Queens of Reno’, are now transforming one of their own family homes into a forever home. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Three Birds to help Lana create the house of her dreams. 

Bedroom Styling: How To:

Lana and Bonnie have given Ruby’s bedroom a stunning revamp using their favourite freedom designs. Be inspired to spice up your sleep retreat by choosing from our stylish range of bedheads and frames as well as bedside tables and quality mattresses. Complete your dream bedroom with everything from hand-woven rugs and ceiling pendants, to decorator accents and luxe bed linen. Go on…view Lana and Bonnie's latest transformation now.

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Viewing 1-24 of 31