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Letting natural light into a room, as well as keeping it out when necessary, is an important aspect of home or office décor. An easy and effective way to do this is to install blinds. With several options to choose from, including Venetian, roller or privacy blinds, these window covers are the sleek and stylish version of their decorative counterpart, the trusty curtain. While drapes might add a pop of colour or a cosy feel to a room, blinds offer sleek and uncompromised full window coverage. This makes them especially ideal for bedroom windows that face the rising sun or office windows that cause glare on screens and monitors.

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If you’re looking to keep a room bright, it’s best to opt for roller blinds that are also light in colour. Alternatively, blackout or privacy blinds need to be dark for rooms where you’re looking to keep the light out. Venetian blinds, of course, offer the best of both. Each of our furniture blinds is available in several sizes, ensuring that you can make the right choice with ease and have it fit like a glove right off the bat. Should you choose to buy online, utilise our home delivery or click & collect service throughout Australia. With Freedom Furniture, shopping for blinds has never been this easy!