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Rugs: 5 Reasons Why You Need a New Rug

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You don’t need to undergo full renovations to achieve a different look, feel and ambience for your home. Rugs are incredibly versatile and thanks to brand new shapes, colours and materials on the market there’s simply no good reason not to invest in a new one. 

1: Seasons Have Changed   In much the same way you would swap out your thick down duvet for something lighter as the summer months roll in, you may want to change-up the rugs that hold prominent positions across the house. A deep, plush or even fluffy shag is a real luxury in winter and helps contain a room’s heat. Scorching days in summer, however, don’t mean you need to avoid rugs completely. Look for a lighter fabric or a less ‘cosy’ texture like leather or jute to provide floor protection throughout the summer.

2: You’ve Got a New Furry Friend   One of the most exciting milestones for a family has to be the arrival of a brand new puppy or kitten. While the joy they bring is endless, the house – especially rugs – can suffer. Before Fido or Socks arrives, you will want to remove any delicate Persian, tasselled runner or pale hallway rugs and store them somewhere safe for when the pet is older. In the meantime, select a tough, hard wearing synthetic material that is easy to clean, fits into the washing machine and is of a darker colour palette to hide mud and little accident stains. These rugs may just be temporary, so have fun with them – choose the kind of brave and bold prints and designs you have shied away from before.
3: You’ve Moved   It’s easy to get sucked into a kind of template of rug type and positioning – a small absorbent one for the shower, a single runner for the hall, a large Turkish rectangular rug for beneath the dining room table – but there’s nothing like a move of house to shake things up. Play with your rug location a little and break some rules – instead of a mat in the bathroom, try an over-sized, thick pile rug for a feeling of indulgence. Take rugs outdoors by adding a cowhide or circular leather jute to the patio or a mini runner to a Juliet balcony. 

4: You Need a Home Office  Working from home is a trend that will continue to grow. If you’re fortunate enough to have a dedicated room in your home for an office, you can easily make the space your own. However, for many of us our office is a corner tucked away in a bedroom or living space. Using a rug is a smart way to partition your area and to inject your own personality or style into the working week. 

5: Your Flooring is Tired  Don’t have the cash to redo your floors? Area rugs are the perfect solution for covering or sprucing up tired looking areas. In fact, the right rug can truly transform a space with minimal effort. Be sure to complement your new rug with the color of your floors. Warmer toned timbers work much better with rugs in warmer hues, including vintage or morroccan style rugs. More modern and light timbers, laminate or vinyl look great adorned with grey, navy and white rugs with geometric patterns.

If you need any more reason to invest in a new rug, be inspired by Freedom's latest collection of area rugs and runners.

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