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Update your bed

Stuck in a rut in the boudoir? You spend a lot of time in your bedroom – so why not make it a stylish retreat? We’ve got 7 style tips to update your bedroom in a flash so you’re not only sleeping in style, but comfort too.

Pick your pattern: Be it versatile neutrals, playful patterns or solid colours – decide on the look that you are wanting to create and stick to it. Especially for Winter, layers are always a great idea – you can easily change the look of your room by adding a stack of scatter cushions or throw rug in your bedroom.
Make the Material Work for you: Cotton is a fabulous material for warmer climates, the natural material helps regulate your temperature and wears well with washing. Poly-cotton can be a great option – with the polyester component your linen is less likely to need pressing. This is a great option if creases (and the iron) are not your friend!
Embrace the Euro! European Pillows are the large square ones that sit upright behind your standard pillows. Usually 65x65cm in size, they are a great option to dress up your bed, and functionally are a delight to prop up when you’re reading in bed (or – fingers crossed, being treated to breakfast in bed).
Speak Volumes: For a super voluptuous quilt, think about adding two inserts into your quilt cover. Not only does it give it a visual plumpness, it provides some extra warmth too – and is so inviting, you’ll never want to get out of bed.
SuperSize Me: Consider purchasing your quilt a size larger than your bed size – if you like the look of your quilt falling further down the sides of your bed; for example - Queen Beds try using King Bed quilts and Quilt Cover, this way you get better coverage of your mattress on both sides, not to mention more quilt to share. This will end the age-old tussle over the bed covers. However do not apply this suggestion for sheets – make sure you buy the correctly size sheeting for your bed, there is nothing worse than saggy ill fitting corners.
Don’t be afraid of white: Think of how dreamy it is to jump into a hotel bed of crisp white linen, you can do the same at home – don’t be scared of white! If the only thing putting you off is your fear of keeping it white, just remember how quick and easy it is to dunk it in bleach. This set is icy white.
Remember a Rug! To complement the pattern on your quilt cover, add some design to your floor. This can be a subtle texture or bold statement, any which way – it is always nice to have something super soft to step out of bed upon, particularly on chilly Winter mornings!