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Three sofa styling tips

1. There are no rules

We're not going to be prescriptive and tell you how to style your home. Play around with looks until you're happy.

2. Be brave

Cushions add another dimension to a sofa. As well as adding visual interest, they can be a practical solution for those who love to lounge around. Don't be afraid to mix and match colours, prints and patterns - combine different shapes, sizes and textures. If you're into neutrals - embrace cushions that fit tonally and use repetition. If you're into more of an eclectic aesthetic, mix and match colours, clash your palette, play around!

3. A new look

Switching your furniture around can bring a new feel to a room. Add drama with lighting - floor lamps are great; add a side table or an ottoman - a great place to house magazines, vases and vessels, plus it can be a great talking point. A throw gives your sofa another layer - and adds texture. Don't forget a floor rug - sometimes this can tie the whole room together.