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Studio Package

Styling Tips 101

15 Tips to get the designer look

At Freedom we’ve made it our mission to inspire you to tap into your inner-stylist to update your home without breaking the bank.

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  1. Small Spaces: In a small room don’t choose an oversized sofa – streamline, there’s nothing worse than having to skirt around a sofa to get from one end of the room to another
  2. Ground Your Space: Think natural foundation pieces and pump up the colour with artworks, lighting, cushions, rugs and vases
  3. Mix old and new: combine contemporary with classic to enhance a room’s energy. Hold onto your treasures and heirlooms and mix it up with newer pieces to create a truly tailored room that suits your life and style
  4. Flow On: Celebrate Summer and decorate your outdoor space with colourful lanterns, hanging birdcages and cushions, make it an extension of your inside living space
  5. Mix and match materials: pair leather with marble, galvanized steel with cowhide, rugged timber with glass; mix things up to make it your own
  6. The Illusionist: Add some mirrors to update your room and create the illusion of more space with a large mirror – lean it up against the wall for a relaxed style and it will make any room feel lighter and more spacious
  7. Investment pieces: Invest in classic pieces that offer timeless quality and never go out of style. Keep big-ticket items like beds and sofas in classic colours – so they won’t date
  8. Brighten Up: Have fun with cushions in bold colours, punchy patterns and prints: vintage-style stamp, retro print and wildlife cushions are on-trend
  9. Blank Out: Use white or neutral coloured bookcases or shelves to display mismatched objects
  10. Alternate Alliances: Use stools as bedside tables , bookcases for a pantry, a dressing table for a hallstand, you can have fun with your furniture
  11. Get Beachy: Whitewashed surfaces and woven baskets and rugs give a room that beachy, organic coastal feel – like you’re on a permanent holiday
  12. Focal Points: Pendant lights are a great way to add a splash of personality to any room
  13. Cut Some Rug: Define your spaces with rugs. The number one mistake people make is using a rug that's too small. Make your rug a focal point, make a statement, or just create a new mood – rugs can be versatile and play a pivotal role in setting some ambience
  14. Sofa, So Good: Position your sofa where it works. Don’t be afraid to play around with the positioning of furniture. Sometimes it takes a few goes before you find that natural flow
  15. Sheer Bliss: Sheer curtains are a great way to create flow between inside and outside

To see these designer tips in action, up-close and personal, just drop into a Freedom store today.