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Sofa Menu

Start a new chapter in your living room and invest in a brand new sofa.

There’s no such thing as your average sofa anymore, there are so many choices to suit your space, lifestyle and design style. So, if you haven’t been sofa shopping in a while, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the style choices on offer. And here’s a sofa style guide to help steer you in the right direction:

The Perfect Fit:

Before you embark on your sofa search measure, measure and measure again (this includes your space and the sofa you’re flirting with) this will ensure you 1) can fit it through your front door and 2) invested in the best sofa configuration for your space.

Go Configure!

Choose a configuration that works for your room and your lifestyle. Which scenario best describes your living space needs? Are you a …

  • Conversationalist
    Opt for two sofas (2S + 3S) or a sofa & two armchairs – facing each other will stimulate good conversation.
  • Show off
    If you have something to showcase then arrange your furniture around this focal point. Maybe it’s your home entertainment unit, French doors, fire place or spectacular view.
  • Busy Bee
    If you’re a busy professional living in an apartment, a chaise offers the perfect mix of style and comfort.  
  • Frolocking Family
    If you’ve got a big family or you’re upsizing the herd, an expansive L-shape leather modular would be ideal. A good size modular should comfortably seat 6-8; look for generous proportions, deep seats and extra-thick durable leather that’s easy to clean.
  • Crash at Mine
    If you’re always putting-up friends and family from out-of-town and space is an issue, then a sofa bed is an ideal addition. Look for a good quality mattress.
  • Get the Look
    Decide on a look you love: casual, traditional, fusion, country, modern contemporary, French provincial, Victorian, 1950s styling, scroll arms, square feet, armless, rolled arms, low back, stiletto feet … whatever it is - commit to it.  

Not sure what look you’re after? Then drop into your nearest Freedom store and start your sofa selection. You’ll know it when you see it & you’ll fall in love with it when you sit in it.