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 How to set the table - Cancun

How to set your table

Ever since we were kids we’ve had it drummed into us on how to set the table. Table cloth, placemats, napkins, cutlery. Dinner is served. We can all do that. But how do you create a table that sets the scene, maybe you’re prepping for a dinner party, or the entertaining season and your dining room is crying out for some inspiration. You want your guests to remember this dinner – for all the right reasons. Let’s get to working setting a table that sparks conversation. Guess who’s coming to dinner?


The Foundations

So you’ve got your dinner table. If it’s a beautiful feature of your dining room (such as our Farmhouse)– then let it be. You want to showcase that table. If you’ve got a basic utilitarian dinner table meets desk – a table that sees you through a myriad of tasks in a day, you can change the look of it with a tablecloth. Not revolutionary – but definitely classic. A beautiful table, or a simple white tablecloth can set the scene. We love the look of a crisp white tablecloth – it’s the perfect blank canvas.


Where Should I Sit?

You can of course just set plates down on a naked table. It’s pretty simple. But we want to create a table that creates impact, and we love the look of placemats, they can anchor the table, or give guests the comfort of their own space at the table.

You can go neutral or pack a punch with a bolder placemat – we love Jardin (it’s perfect for Spring) or we love the look of classic white on white – with a bohemian twist (the tassles).

Consider placing a name tag for each of your guests. A hand-written tag – you can use a gift card, create your own, or get your kids to create small drawings (cute), or buy specific place cards. This way you can direct who sits next to who (think carefully about who gets along and who’s going to create great conversation, plus if you need easy access to the kitchen – where do you want to sit?), place cards are another layer to a beautifully set table. As well as serving you practically, it can add visual texture to the table.


Big Impact, Low Cost

How can you make a big impact at your table without spending too much? We suggest fresh flowers (when don’t flowers look good?), you could have one central arrangement – but consider the height – you don’t want guests straining their necks to talk to the person opposite them, or cluster smaller vases and vessels the length of the table. If you’re going for a classic table setting, you can’t beat white on white on white. But if you want a pop of colour add some bold dahlias, tulips are always favourites, or even a bunch of cheap and cheerful marigolds will do the trick.

We also love the look of small votives housing floating flower heads, intermixed with candles. Try Elle for great impact. For a slightly more exotic feel, the ornate Baroque tealights give off a beautiful glow as well as adding that desirable texture to the table.  


Plating Up

Choose carefully the servingware you use - beautiful platters, salad bowls, and of course the plates you eat off are important too. They can all play a pivotal role in setting the scene. Play with proportions, large plates can make your dinner look small, but small plates can make portions look mean. Colour can change how much your guests eat (it’s true!), and chipped or broken servingware doesn’t leave a good impression. Take this opportunity to plan ahead and invest in some fresh pieces to ensure your dinner party sparkles.


Now We’re Eating

We’re at the pointy end of prep-time now. Choosing beautiful glassware can add yet another layer to the table, we love the Gladys tumblers and pitcher for its retro-tastic look and the seafoam hue. It’s an easy way to add colour across the table.
Or if you’re more a classic diner, then opt for a neutral glassware that sparkles.

Cutlery doesn’t have to be boring, tie them in bunches with a coloured ribbon or set traditionally.

And whatever you do – don’t forget the napkins! Don’t be afraid to mix and match. There really are no rules, so depending on your table, switch things up a bit for a different look.