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How to… rearrange your furniture

Moving furniture can be an easy way to refresh a room. We love moving furniture around to create a new feeling, and by doing so – you can make a room feel more spacious, or more intimate. Today we’re sharing some ideas on how to make an impact on your living space. After all, a change is as good as a holiday, right?

Get Drawing
Before you even think about lifting up that sofa, think about jotting some ideas down on paper. Think about your space, and where the largest piece of furniture is going to work the best for you. We recommend – where possible, not putting your sofa against a wall, if you have a room large enough to accommodate it. You can create a passageway by positioning your sofa away from the wall, as well as creating a new space.

Measure Up
We also recommend measuring up! There’s nothing worse than going to the trouble of moving things around only to discover that buffet or side table no longer fits.

Put it in print
Put your old newspapers to good use. Another great idea of getting a feel for a new set-up is by measuring up, then newspapering the layout to the floor. It’s a simple, and visual way to see how your sofa, coffee table and all the other pieces in your living space are going to sit – and again, whether it’s going to fit – and whether you like it, before committing to moving things around.

If you can, we like to empty a room – particularly of the smaller pieces, such as the side tables, plants, decorative items etc so you can play around.  Once you’ve found a new layout that you like - you can add back the elements that are going to work in this new layout.

Switch Things Around
At Freedom we are huge fans of using items for alternate uses. We think of it as double-duty. That old bedside table from your kids room can find a new use as a side table. Or that unused dining chair might look great as a bedside table, with a pile of books and a task lamp planted on top. Move your bedside lamp to your living room and vice versa. Moving things around can create a really new feel to a space and make your home feel fresher. Play around to find what suits your space. And don’t be afraid to try new things. It feels good!

Don’t Feel Hemmed In
Most of us have an idea of how are room should look. But challenge those ideals and erase those pre-conceptions. If you work from your computer in the living area, think about adding a desk. Make your home an expression of yourself. We tend to gravitate towards homes that feel lived in and loved. Put your own stamp on your space, and make it work for you – not someone else’s preconceptions.

Define the space
We love setting a room’s parameters with a large rug. And we love sitting our furniture on top of the rug – visually it gives the illusion of more space – as well as practically, it means you’re less likely to trip on it. But don’t be afraid to break the rules. After all – rules are meant to be broken.

Add Height
Whether it’s with some wall art, a floor lamp, a cluster of vessels, play around, add some height to your room for visual interest and again – it creates the illusion of space and height.

Hello stranger
Once your room is set up, walk into it as if you’re a stranger. How does it look with fresh eyes? Small changes can make a huge impact.

Some Other Ideas To Help You Freshen Up:

  • New cushions can add some colour to your couch
  • Curtains – you can frame a magical view, or with sheers you can obscure a not-so picturesque vista
  • Cluster different vessels together – with or without flowers – the textures and colours can make for visual play
  • Play around with different size rugs for different effects
  • We love the French hang – cluster different frames together to great effect
  • Small space? Add a mirror – it will throw light and also make the room feel spacier

And the best thing about rearranging furniture? If it doesn’t work - you can do it all over again in a week.