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742x350 - Lights...Action

Lights... Action

Feeling in the dark when it comes to choosing the best lighting solutions for your home? Here are some basic tips to help brighten the mood.

Illumination decoration is as important to the look and feel of your home as paint, carpet, tiles, furniture and homewares. Lighting is a great way to ensure you’re shining the best possible light on your home, by using a combination of all 3 types of lighting solutions: ambient, task and mood.

Ambient Lighting:

In cinematic terms, ambient light is the available light. It sets the mood for the space and can include natural, candle or accent light. It fills a room – and should blend into your room. Overhead lighting in the form of a large pendant light is a great way to illuminate any space.

Task Lighting:

Think table or floor lamps - switch it on when you need it and avoid eye strain! Turn it off when you don’t and avoid high energy bills! Ideal for reading, knitting (yep knitting is back big time!), playing Angry Birds on your iPhone or shopping online (did you know you can now shop for Freedom homewares online?).

Mood Lighting:

Add depth and interest to any room. Use sparingly yet be creative, use to add an element of drama or accent a particular part of a room or object.

And let’s not forget the outdoors, try a creative Outdoor Lighting solution: hang a string of decorative outdoor lights or lanterns from a patio ceiling or umbrella, or use picture-hanging wire to suspend lanterns above a dining table – indoors or outdoors. Hurricane lamps can create a focal point as well as a romantic look for an outdoor dinner.

Now you’re acquainted with the different types of lighting, here are some on-trend lighting solutions:

Pendant Lights:

So on-trend right now and they offer so many styles from traditional to quirky. Pendant lights cast downward directional light, so they’re great over a dining table or kitchen bench. Drop pendant lights are rapidly replacing the traditional bedside lamp, and if you’re after real impact drop a cluster of three pendant lights at different heights.

For those who love that rustic look, an industrial pendant light makes a striking feature in any space – looks great in a kitchen. And pendants featuring woven textures and natural fibres bring an earthiness and simplicity to any space. And if you’re lucky enough to have an elevated ceiling, like a stairwell or loft, large pendants look fantastic. The bigger the space, the bigger the pendant, or opt for more than one and cluster them.

Table & Floor Lamps:

You can create just as much impact with a floor light or table light, especially effective when brightening up dim corners, dark nooks or creating a cosy, relaxed atmosphere.

Colourful Shades:

Add a punch of colour to any room with a brightly coloured lamp shade: for a Summery vibe, team up a bright yellow lamp shade with a white or chrome base.

Remember the key to illumination decoration in your home is to use a variety of lighting solutions, from pendants to table and floor lamps to outdoor lanterns. And you’ll find an impressive range of floor and table lamps, pendant lights and lanterns to inspire your inner-lighting-stylist here.