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How to… Get your storage on!

No matter what, it feels like you can never have enough storage.And yet we believe the key to every tidy home is ample storage. So what if you don’t have the luxury of plenty of storage in your home? We’ve got some clever solutions to help you de-clutter.

Going Up!
In small spaces we recommend making the most of the room you have by going vertical. Try our Bakers storage unit for nifty storage that has a vintage look. It’s perfect for shelving books, linen, art supplies, or even  in your bedroom. It’s a great storage nook as well as being visually pleasing. If you’re into a more modern look and a practical solution – the Aria 5 tier shelf is great for housing towels and bathroom necessities, and just as at home in the kitchen for storing saucepans or pantry must-haves.

Basket Case
Being a basket case isn’t all bad. At least you can get your home into order while adding textural interest to your living areas. If you have a family, we love the idea of delegating a basket to each family member (even attaching a laundry tag with their name on them) and putting all their bits and bobs into the basket for them to put away themselves. That way you’re keeping everything organised and you’re no longer a slave to the clutter.

Baskets can be handy for:

  • Dirty laundry
  • Magazine storage
  • Firewood
  • Toys – hello toys! Meet basket!
  • Recycling
  • Art supplies

The list is endless. Our range of baskets suit and can contain a plethora of household mayhem. We love Old News (made from upcycled newspapers) and the Cabin Washed Rattan selection.

Dressing up
Streamline your regime in the morning so that dressing up is a cinch. Good storage is not only good for making your house look tidy – but it’s also a very practical and simple solution to being super organised. We love the Fab jewellery storage range. It’s clear – so everything’s easy to see, and it stores all your precious pieces away neatly – and can help eliminate earrings being separated, necklaces being tangled, and some of your most prized possessions are stored neatly away.

In the bathroom
We love the idea of everything having its place – which makes tidy up at home super easy. We love bathrooms to house all our bits and pieces for frantic mornings when we’ve snuck in a few extra snooze buttons, so it’s streamlined. We’re all about streamlining!

Why not house all your cotton buds and balls, make-up and other daily necessities in their own specific homes? The Kinara range injects instant style into your bathroom as well as serving a purpose. The Pixie range keeps things transparent and looks decadent when housing bath salts or soaps.

Wardrobe Warriors
We know how crazy a wardrobe can get. When one has an affinity with shoes, we know how those shoes can wreak havoc on the wardrobe. Might we suggest the Closet Max System?

Ready to neatly house your footwear (or even your neatly folded knits and tees), it makes the most of the vertical space, it’s a fine upstanding citizen of storage!