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Home Study

Brainiac, socialite or workaholic... what's your study?

As our lives get busier, home offices and study nooks are becoming essential to our homes and lifestyle. From juggling the kids’ homework schedules to balancing the budget, late night Skype sessions to social media fixes, our needs for a dedicated work space are as diverse as the spaces we call a study!

So what’s your study? Spare room, loft, living room, dining table, bedroom or kitchen bench? Before you can create and decorate it, you need to define it and claim a space for it.

Work Home Office
If you run your business from home it’s important to create a space that’s airy, spacious and super organized.

  • Storage should be at the top of your list of must-haves, and when it comes to choosing a desk, filing cabinet, entainment units, storage unit, shelving unit or cabinet think about your style aesthetic – there are so many alternatives to the old grey filing cabinet.
  • Don’t clutter your desktops with hardware like printers, fax machine, scanners etc try to house these big items in designated storage units that are easy to access.
  • Invest in a supportive, comfortable chair with gas lift and adjustable seat and back.
  • If clients will be visiting your home office, invest in a pair of comfortable armchairs, sofa or even a small conference table.

Study Nook
When space is an issue or you have children that require internet monitoring, or your laptop use is minimal (pay bills, check emails, social media) create an accessible and easily integrated study/living space.

  • A slim-line desk or console fits right into any living space and is ideal for the busy professional who works and plays from their laptop througout the evening.
  • The ultimate in space-saving is the discreet study nook or hide-away study: a space behind a cupboard or wall –  so when it’s not in use it can be shut away. This is the perfect family study solution.

The Green Room
We all envy the household that has one: the spare room. But sometimes the spare room has become the ironing room or junk room, so if your spare room has lost its identity and purpose it’s time to reclaim it and turn it into a functioning study, family retreat or guest room – or all three!

Studious Bookworms
For those households who live to study or love to curl up with a good book, creating a cosy reading/study nook is ideal. This can be easily achieved by adding a comfy leather armchair or wingback chair, wall to wall bookcases, cushions and don’t forget ample lighting.

Family Retreat
Everyone needs their space, and a family retreat can be the perfect solution to some common household conflicts: from who wants to watch what on the TV, computer game noise restrictions, music tastes, friends visiting, exercise schedules or study needs. Create a fresh, uncluttered environment; depending on how much space you have, opt for a chaise sofa or a few beanbags and include a functional storage solution that can easily hide away AV equipment when not in use. Personalise the room with wall art, photos, magazines and cushions. A floor rug is a great way to cosy-up the space.  

Sleep over
If this is a multi-purpose room: a study sometimes and a guest room other times then invest in a good quality sofa bed.

Put Your Stylist Stamp on it
A few rules of thumb when it comes to your study nook or family retreat:

  • Take advantage of as much wall space as you can – hang a pin board, add vibrant wall art and personalise with fun family photos.
  • Invest in storage solutions that can hide things away. Think about your hardware, remotes, cables and leads.
  • Add a touch of you with vases filled with fresh flowers or pencils.
  • Add touches of feng shui: place a bamboo plant in your study space to protect you from harmful influences.

No matter what your work, study or play space requirements are, it’s important to make it your own – start with key basic pieces and tweak as you go. Check out Freedom's impressive selection of desks, storage, homewares and lighting solutions to create and decorate.