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How to family proof your home

If you’ve got kids then you know keeping things pretty can be tricky. We’ve got some ideas to make things easier on you, and keep the house looking as good as it can. We’ve got six tips to get you sorted. Let’s go!

1. Sit down.
Take a leather sofa. We love a modular sofa so there’s more room for everyone. Plus the leather (despite popular thought) is super easy to maintain with a bit of care. Try our Signature modular – or if you’re more a fabric kind of person, our Andersen is a firm favourite – plus it has a great matching armchair that’s perfect for curling up in for book time.

2. Oh crumbs!
Kids have a knack for wandering crumbs through the house. And other detritus. We love a rug that can hide a multitude of sins. Check out Confetti (because it looks like a giant biscuit covered in Hundreds & Thousands). It could keep the kids entertained for hours – get them to count the individual balls! Fun for the whole family!

3. Colouring in anyone?
The living room is the heart of the home – and it’s the epicentre of creative genius. Make sure you choose a coffee table that’s perfect for your little crayon aficionado.

4. Stow Away
There’s one thing you need when you have kids. Big or little kids have 'stuff’. And you need storage. It’s like a superhero of sorts, and we love being able to race around the living room with a big basket and toss everything in  - making the living area tidy in a snap. Try our Cabin Washed Rattan baskets or the Native Woven baskets. Chic and functional? Yes please.

5. Get organised

School bags, shoes, swim bags, text books, where do they all go? We ask the same question – and that’s why we love the Bakers Storage unit – we LOVE it.

 child friendly collage