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Dinner Party Drama

We grabbed ten minutes with renowned stylist, Megan Morton, to ask her how to make a dinner party truly memorable. Whether you’re a natural-born entertainer, or whether the idea of entertaining gives you anxiety, Megan’s fail-safe tips will set you on the straight and narrow!

Q. What are the makings of a memorable dinner party?

MM: Strong pre dinner drinks and random, unpredictable medley of friends. Plus one total knock out dessert to ensure your dinner party is one people will talk about.

Q. How do you make your dinner table stand out?

MM: This is where I put all my effort. My food tastes so-so but my tables look divine! My last big birthday I collected vintage scarfs for each guest. They became the take home gifts as well as the napkin ties.

Q. What about seating arrangements?  Does it matter if chairs don't match?

MM: It’s often better when they don't match!

Q. What are your top tips to laying a beautiful table?

MM: Always start with white plates - food always looks better on white.

Q. Besides flowers, what are some other pieces you can decorate the table with?

MM: Ribbon, mercury glass, trophies or candlesticks

Q. Any big mistakes people should avoid?

MM: Getting overly fussy - or over it. Guests can detect a stressed hostess a mile away

Q. And finally – music. What do you recommend?

Upon entry – Jamiroqui’s 'Dynamite'. During - Fiest - anything she sings. And loud. To end - Tom Petty and Carla Bruni.

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